Marmo Home was founded in 1933 by Mr. Lachman Dass Arora, after which Mr. S.K. Arora took the business forward. The company is a family run organization with Mr. Raman Arora as the Managing Director and the fourth generation of the family, Vidur Arora and Ridhi Arora at the forefront. Marmo Home is one of India’s largest importers of tiles and sanitary ware products since 2001, ever since imports opened up in India.

Marmo Home is a national level wholesaler and distributor of imported tiles that are primarily sourced from Spain, Italy, Germany, China and Malaysia. The company’s distribution network consists of over 300 dealers and spans across 90 cities in India. Marmo Home represents the leading brands of Europe in India; most with exclusivity for all India.

Marmo Home has now ventured into the field of retail by launching INTERSEKT, which is their flagship showroom in New Delhi. In addition to the entire product range of Marmo Home, new verticals have been added to the product mix to be offered exclusively through INTERSEKT.


INTERSEKT is a dynamic home décor boutique that delivers a superior and cost-effective service, offering high-quality premium products. With a rich heritage of experience and a focus on delivering unique designs, INTERSEKT brings to you the most exquisite product offerings from across the globe.

INTERSEKT was born out of Marmo Home, one of India’s leading distributors of international tiles, and is the company’s retail venture for the home décor segment. With cross-generational experience in the industry, INTERSEKT delivers exactly what its name promises - an intersection of Thought, Opinion and Design. Armed with decades’ worth of experience in the field and an unmatched array of designs, INTERSEKT is a one-stop shop for customers looking for the perfect décor elements for their new home including floor and wall coverings as well as bath and wellness products.

Fourth generation in the family business, siblings Vidur Arora and Ridhi Arora spearheaded the origin of INTERSEKT with an aim to take the decades’ old legacy of Marmo Home forward through it. INTERSEKT was created to expand brand reach, tailor the company’s perspective and leverage the best of Marmo Home to help create unique spaces.

Our Team /

Vidur Arora


Director: Marmo Home

Vidur Arora, Co-Founder of INTERSEKT and a Director at Marmo Home, leads the Business Development division at the firm. He handles the sales arm of both the distribution and retail verticals of the company, and is constantly on a mission to source new products for the business.

After completing his schooling in New Delhi, Vidur went on to pursue his Bachelor’s degree at Babson College in Massachusetts, U.S.A. At Babson, Vidur earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration with concentrations in Entrepreneurship and Retail Supply Chain Management.

In July 2014, Vidur joined the family business at Marmo Home and spent a lot of time meeting dealers, visiting suppliers and attending trade fairs, in order to fully understand the business model as well as the industry. Vidur co-founded INTERSEKT in October 2016, which was the first step towards establishing the retail vertical of the business.

Raman Arora

Managing Director: INTERSEKT

Managing Director: Marmo Home

Raman Arora, Managing Director of INTERSEKT and Marmo Home, joined the family business as a seventeen-year-old and is the man behind building the company up to where it stands today. In his 35+ year long career, he has single-handedly managed and successfully executed every business operation of the company, small or big, at some point of time.

Even today, after over 35 years of working relentlessly, Raman is as motivated and determined to take the company’s operations to the next level, streamline processes, incorporate new systems and introduce new product verticals in order to keep up with the changing demand of the market and to move forward in conjunction with the new generations’ vision for the company. He currently overlooks the entire functioning of the organization while providing the required support for the envisioned company growth.

Ridhi Arora


Director: Marmo Home

Ridhi Arora, Co-Founder of Intersekt and a Director at Marmo Home leads the Marketing division at the firm. She overlooks brand development for both the distribution and retail verticals of the company and focuses on executing strong marketing communication as well as streamlining the existing company processes.

After completing her schooling in New Delhi, Ridhi went on to pursue her Bachelor’s degree at The George Washington University in Washington, D.C. Ridhi earned a Bachelor of Art degree in Business Administration with concentrations in Marketing and Event Management.

Ridhi interned with several marketing and event management companies in Washington D.C. and New York City during and after her college years. In August 2015, Ridhi joined the family business at Marmo Home; on understanding the business model she embarked on her journey for expanding the business. Co-founding INTERSEKT in October 2016, was the first step in the direction of growing the family business.

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